Meet the Godwins


Brian is the family risk taker and computer guru.  Brian allows the boys to be slightly more adventures than Polly, somethings what Polly sees as accidents waiting to happen he sees as them just being boys.  Don’t let the picture fool you, I am not a fisherman (notice the $10 Wal-mart fishing pole). This image shows one of the many fish that we caught on our trip to Key West, FL.  Brian enjoys the outdoors and camping where we have created many family memories.   He loves spending time with me, and the boys.  The road trip discussion was initiated by Brian but he soon had me convinced this trip was what our family needed.  Taking short weekend getaways is a great way to unwind after a rough week.


I enjoy traveling and anything dealing with nature. Brian and I started our lives together hiking and enjoying nature and that love has grown with our marriage.  I am the one who tries to keep everything stable in our sometimes chaotic family.  I am not a typical mom because I am not scared of snakes, spiders, lizards or any other creature created by God.  I try to instill the love of animals in the boys especially when critter catching can be turned into a nature lesson. Whether it is a trail or a creek there is usually something that teach a lesson to Zachary and Carson. Our camping adventures are usually turned into a lesson; we count rocks, explain how trees grow or the effects of littering and pollution on God’s planet. Bella became part of the family after years of trying to convince Brian that the family needed a dog.   Loving to read and spending time with the family will be good traits for our family traveling adventures.  My biggest wish for this trip is for a slower paced life where I can spend more quality time with my family and we can grow closer.


Zachary is an avid reader and history buff. He loves to read just about anything but his favorite books focus on American history.  Zachary has already started planning all the historical sites that we can visit during our road trip.  He is a typical nine year boy who loves to talk about anything that comes to his mind. His favorite traveling game involves a small book of questions which he uses to quiz everyone in the vehicle.  Zachary is a LEGO builder with a very vivid imagination which he uses when playing with his younger brother Carson. Zachary can create an adventure with a few Legos or Star Wars ships and figures. Zachary has been playing chess for three years and enjoys teaching Carson (although it turns more into a way to win another game).


Carson is a very loving child who has never met a stranger.  Carson started his camping adventures at 9 weeks of age and I think that is what spurred his adventurous spirit.  He is small five year old but he does not let his size hamper anything that he wants to accomplish.  He is an acrobat who can climb just about anything whether inside or out. His love of climbing always creates adventures whether he is climbing on the playground or a tree in the forest.  Carson strives to make everyone happy and does not have a hard time especially with his warm smile.  He enjoys playing with Star Wars, Indiana Jones and any super hero that comes in an action figure size.  Carson is learning to play chess like his older brother and he has picked up the concept quickly.


Bella is a newest member of our family. She is Bichon Frise puppy who joined our family July 6, 2008.  She loves playing fetch with the boys but her favorite game is to play chase.  She is ready to go anytime she hears the keys rattle.  Bella’s favorite part of camping is getting dirty and swimming in a cool creek or river.  She is a sweet puppy who loves everyone and is usually the “welcoming committee” when we are on the road. Bella will miss the family cat, Lucky who would not make a very good camping companion.  Lucky and Bella have been friends since we brought her home at 9 weeks of age.  Lucky is our 19 lb 7 year old  Coon Maine mix who adopted our family about 4 years ago.